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Postgraduate Professional Programs and Certificates

For other graduate programs and postbaccalaureate certificates, see the Graduate School programs.

Programs and Certificates

College of Food, Agricultural and Natural Resource Sciences

School of Dentistry

See the School of Dentistry Web site for programs and certificates in:

  • Dental surgery (certificate)
  • Dentistry (D.D.S.)
  • Endodontics (certificate)
  • General dentistry (certificate)
  • Oral health services for older adults (geriatrics) (certificate)
  • Oral and maxillofacial surgery (certificate)
  • Orthodontics (certificate)
  • Pedodontics (certificate)
  • Periodontics (certificate)
  • Prosthodontics (certificate)
  • TMD and orofacial pain (certificate)

College of Education and Human Development

See the College of Education and Human Development Web site for programs and certificates in:

  • Adult education (M.Ed., certificate)
  • Agricultural education (M.Ed.)
  • Applied behavior analysis (certificate)
  • Applied developmental psychology (certificate)
  • Applied kinesiology (M.Ed.)
  • Autism spectrum disorder (certificate)
  • Business and industry education (M.Ed.)
  • Career and technical education (certificate)
  • Coaching (certificate)
  • Curriculum and instruction (M.Ed.)
  • Disability policy and services (certificate)
  • Early childhood and early childhood special education (M.Ed., certificate)
  • Elementary education—elementary education with a specialty (M.Ed.)
  • English education—communication arts and literature (M.Ed.)
  • Environmental education (M.Ed.)
  • Family education (M.Ed.)
  • Human resource development (M.Ed., certificate)
  • K-12 community education and administration (certificate)
  • Language immersion education (certificate)
  • Literacy education (M.Ed.)
  • Music education (M.Ed.)
  • Music therapy (M.Ed.)
  • Online distance learning
  • Physical education (M.Ed.)
  • Postsecondary developmental education (certificate)
  • Program evaluation (certificate)
  • Recreation, park, and leisure studies (M.Ed.)
  • School technology leadership (certificate)
  • Special education (M.Ed.)
  • Staff development (certificate)
  • Talent development and gifted education (certificate)
  • Technology enhanced learning (certificate)
  • Teacher leadership (M.Ed.)
  • Youth development leadership (M.Ed.)
  • Work, community, and family education (M.Ed.)
  • Teaching (M.Ed.)

Law School

See the Law School Web site

Carlson School of Management

See the Carlson School of Management Web site for programs in:

  • Master of business administration (M.B.A.) full-time
  • Master of business administration (M.B.A.) part-time
  • Executive master of business administration (M.B.A.)

Medical School

See the Medical School Web site

College of Pharmacy

See the College of Pharmacy Catalog

School of Public Health

See the School of Public Health Web site for programs and certificates in:

  • Community health education (M.Ph.)
  • Environmental health (M.Ph.)
  • Epidemiology (M.Ph.)
  • Health care administration (M.Ph.)
  • Health services administration (M.Ph.)
  • Public health administration (M.Ph.)
  • Public health nutrition (M.Ph.)
  • Maternal and child health (M.Ph.)
  • Public health core concepts (certificate)
  • Public health food safety and biosecurity (certificate)
  • Public health occupational health and safety (certificate)
  • Public health practice (M.Ph.)
  • Public health preparedness, response, and recovery (certificate)

College of Veterinary Medicine

See the College of Veterinary Medicine Web site for programs and certificates in:

  • Clinical training (certificate)
  • Foreign graduate clinical training (certificate)
  • Swine medicine (certificate)
  • Veterinary medicine (D.V.M.)