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Graduate Education Catalog

This is the online version of the University of Minnesota Graduate Education Catalog.

The live, online catalog (see links below) describes current graduate degree programs and their requirements. Information in the archival PDF documents in the column to the right is current as of October 1, 2012 (Fall 2012).

The information in online catalogs and other University publications or announcements is subject to change without notice. Students should verify all degree requirements with the appropriate college or department office.


Links to the most current information about major and minor requirements and courses.

Master's programs

Doctorate programs

Graduate minor related to a major

Graduate free-standing minor

Post-baccalaureate credit certificates, licensures, and endorsements

Master's programs - Duluth campus

Graduate minor related to a major - Duluth campus

Graduate free-standing minor - Duluth campus

Course descriptions for all courses offered on the Twin Cities campus.

Course descriptions for all courses offered on the Duluth campus.

Class Schedule showing dates and times for courses offered on the Twin Cities campus each semester and summer.

Course registration with complete instructions about the registration process.

Evening, distance, and online courses offered through the College of Continuing Education.

PDF Download

Information in these archival PDFs is current as of October 1, 2012, (Fall 2012). For current information, see links to the live, online version of the catalog to the left.

Fall 2012 Graduate Education Catalog

Introduction, General Information, and Major and Degree Program Listings (825 K PDF)

All-University Degree Programs (669 K PDF)

Twin Cities Degree Programs

Academic Health Center—Shared (558 K PDF)

College of Biological Sciences (982 K PDF)

College of Continuing Education (3.3 MB PDF)

College of Design (1.2 MB PDF)

College of Education and Human Development (7.0 MB PDF)

College of Food Agricultural and Natural Resource Sciences (9.2 MB PDF)

School of Dentistry (539 K PDF)

Graduate School—Shared (667 K PDF)

Humphrey School of Public Affairs (927 K PDF)

College of Liberal Arts (3.6 MB PDF)

Carlson School of Management (726 K PDF)

Law School (223 K PDF)

Medical School (1.6 MB PDF)

School of Nursing (816 K PDF)

College of Pharmacy (683 K PDF)

School of Public Health (4.2 MB PDF)

College of Science and Engineering (7.6 MB PDF)

College of Veterinary Medicine (465 K PDF)

Duluth Degree Programs (1 MB PDF)

Course Designators, Course Numbers, Symbols, and Course Descriptions (3.9 MB PDF)