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Morris Bulletin / Administration and Faculty

University Regents and Administrators

University Regents

Thomas R. Reagan, Gilbert, Chair

H. Bryan Neel III, Rochester, Vice Chair

Robert S. Bergland, Roseau

Julie A. Bleyhl, Madison

William E. Hogan II, Minnetonka

Warren C. Larson, Bagley

David R. Metzen, South St. Paul

Michael O'Keefe, Minneapolis

William R. Peterson, Eagan

Jessica J. Phillips, Morris

Maureen K. Reed, Stillwater

Patricia B. Spence, Rice

University Administrators

Nils Hasselmo, President

Mark G. Yudof, President-designate

JoAnne G. Jackson, Senior Vice President for Finance and Operations

Marvin L. Marshak, Senior Vice President for Academic Affairs

C. Eugene Allen, Provost for Professional Studies

Frank B. Cerra, Provost for the Academic Health Center

W. Phillips Shively, Provost for Arts, Sciences, and Engineering

McKinley Boston, Jr., Vice President for Student Development & Athletics

Mark L. Brenner, Vice President for Research and Dean of the Graduate School

Thomas H. Swain, Acting Vice President for Institutional Relations

Mark B. Rotenberg, General Counsel

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