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A bachelor's degree is required for admission to law school, but no specific preparatory program is prescribed. Students are advised to plan a bachelor's program that provides a broad background in the humanities, mathematics, sciences, and social sciences. Students should select an academic major based on their special area of interest and abilities to ensure a depth of knowledge in one field. Students are encouraged to take courses that require independent thought and writing, including work in other languages, and to develop, through coursework or activities, their skills of oral and written expression.

The University of Minnesota Law School in Minneapolis makes the following statement about its admission policy: "Admission is limited to applicants who show reasonable prospects for success in law study and in the profession. A strong academic record is perhaps the most significant indicator of potential success in law school and, when combined with scores from the Law School Admission Test (LSAT), is the most reliable predictor of likely achievement."

The University of Minnesota Law School participates in the Law School Data Assembly Service (LSDAS), which provides a summary of the academic work of applicants, copies of their college transcripts, and their LSAT scores. Applicants are required to submit the LSAT/LSDAS registration form and to have their college transcripts sent directly to the service. It is preferred that applicants register with the LSDAS and take the LSAT at least six weeks before the March 1 application deadline. Normally applicants take the LSAT in December of their senior year in college. The LSAT/LSDAS Information Bulletin and application are available in Academic Advising.

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