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Interdisciplinary Studies (IS)

This is an interdisciplinary group of courses under the authority of the vice chancellor for academic affairs and dean.

Objectives—Through interdisciplinary studies, students may investigate subjects viewed from two or more traditional academic disciplines. Interdisciplinary studies may take the form of well-structured internships or regular classroom courses, or of relatively unstructured directed study projects that stimulate close student-faculty relationships.

Students interested in interdisciplinary internships or directed study projects should consult with their advisers and appropriate division chairpersons concerning a course prospectus, proposed study activities, and proposed criteria and methods for evaluating their work. In the case of internships, students should discuss their plans with the director of the Career Center, who assists with internship placements. A signed Directed Study Approval form or Internship Approval form (available in the academic division offices) is required in order to register for an interdisciplinary directed study or an internship. The approval of the vice chancellor for academic affairs and dean is necessary to register for a directed study or an internship.

Course Descriptions

IS 1006. Introduction to College Learning Skills. (5 cr; counts toward the 90-cr general education requirements; prereq participation in Gateway Program or #; offered summer; S-N only)

Essential skills for success in higher education. Computing tools, reading and writing to learn and communicate, basic math skills. Thought processes and standards of academic dialogue.

IS 1010. Learning to Learn. (2 cr; S-N only; offered when feasible)

Basic learning and thinking skills: generalizing upon data, forming abstract principles, generating sound arguments, thinking critically about arguments proposed by others.

IS 1230f,w. Systematic Introduction to the Art and Science of Emergency Medical Care. (4 cr; prereq CPR and first aid certification; S-N only)

Develop skills and knowledge to respond appropriately to a medical emergency. (Completing this course qualifies students to take state and national Emergency Medical Technician certification examinations. The Stevens County Ambulance Service sets and requires an independent fee.)

IS 3300. Interdisciplinary Studies in the Natural Sciences. (1-5 cr; offered when feasible)

Topics include life in the universe, technology and development, and the state of the planet.

IS 3400. Interdisciplinary Studies in Social Science. (1-5 cr; offered when feasible)

Studies of topics applying expertise from various social science disciplines, e.g., women in the social sciences.

IS 3460f,w,s. Practicum in Social Sciences. (1-2 cr; repeatable to 4 cr; prereq #; S-N only)

Supervised experience of selected learning activities such as discussion group leader, lab assistant, or research assistant.

IS 3850f, 3851w, 3852s. Interdisciplinary Internship. (1-15 cr per qtr; S-N only)

One-quarter educational experience in a work environment providing field applications for the student's theoretical classroom learning experiences.

IS 3855s. Introduction to Professional Conduct Codes, Legal Constraints, and Ethics in the Human Services. (2 cr; prereq jr, at least 20 cr human services-related 3xxx courses [see LAHS listing] or #)

Concepts of professional ethics in human services professions; ethically relevant legal mandates and constraints on professional practice; practical problems in the application of ethical principles.

IS 3861. Interdisciplinary Field Studies in Science. (1-5 cr; prereq #; S-N only; offered when feasible)

Extended field trip to specific environments not found in western Minnesota. Field observations and studies will focus on various aspects of the biological, physical, and cultural nature of the particular environment. Acquaints students with a variety of field experiences and techniques not normally available within the traditional on-campus curriculum.

IS 3947f, 3948w, 3949s. Prior Learning Directed Study. (1-15 cr per qtr; prereq #)

Individualized learning project combining prior learning with faculty-directed new learning, awarding academic credit for both. (When content is discipline-related, discipline designation will appear on transcript and credit will count toward appropriate discipline.)

IS 3950f, 3951w, 3952s. Directed Study. (1-5 cr per qtr; prereq #)

Interdisciplinary studies.

IS 3960Hf, 3961Hw, 3962Hs. Senior Honors Project. (1-5 cr per qtr; prereq participation in Honors Program, #)

A substantial scholarly or creative work (at the undergraduate level) across two or more disciplines. Successful completion of the senior honors project is one of the requirements for graduating from UMM "with honors."

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